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Scientific Board

The Scientific Boardis another of the Collegiate Bodies of the Institute for Game and Wildlife Research (IREC – CSIC, UCLM, JCCM). Its function is to deal with matters of scientific nature, and it is made up of scientific staff, as well as doctoral researchers with contracts of a duration of at least 5 years and with the capacity to request and lead research projects.

Below you can consult the professional profiles and contact information of the members of the Scientific Board of the Institute for Game and Wildlife Research (IREC – CSIC, UCLM, JCCM).

Acevedo Lavandera, Pelayo

Vice Principal | Senior scientist - CSIC

Phone: 926052731

Arroyo López, Beatriz

Director | Scientific Researcher - CSIC |

Phone: 926052040

Davila Garcia, Jose Antonio

Associate Professor

Phone: 926052330

de la Fuente Garcia, Jose de Jesus

Research Professor - CSIC

Phone: 926052339

Fernández Santos, Mª del Rocío

Tenured professor - UCLM

Phone: 926053539

Ferreras De Andrés, Pablo

Senior Scientist - CSIC

Phone: 926052706

Garcia Diaz, Andres Jose

Professor - UCLM

Phone: 926052932

García Fernández de Mera, Mª Isabel

Tenured scientist - CSIC

Phone: 926052583

Garcia Gonzalez, Jesus

Senior Scientist - CSIC

Phone: 926052291

Garde López-Brea, José Julián

Professor - UCLM

Phone: 926053343

Gortázar Schmidt, Christian

Professor - UCLM

Phone: 926052083

Hofle Hansen, Ursula

Contracted professor doctor - UCLM

Phone: 926052857

Landete Castillejos, Tomas

Professor - UCLM

Phone: 926053641

Margalida Vaca, Antoni

CSIC Senior Scientist

Phone: 926295450 - Ext: 3377

Mateo Soria, Rafael

Full Professor - UCLM

Phone: 926052758

Montoro Angulo, Vidal

Tenured professor - UCLM

Phone: 926052868

Mougeot, Francois

Senior Scientist - CSIC

Phone: 926052217

Ortiz Santaliestra, Manuel Eloy

Vice Principal | Full professor - UCLM

Phone: 926052522

Ruiz Fons, Jose Francisco

Tenured scientist - CSIC

Phone: 926052341

Soler Valls, Ana Josefa

University Professor - UCLM

Phone: 926052922

Vicente Baños, Joaquín

Tenured professor - UCLM

Phone: 926052305

Villar Rayo, M. Margarita

Tenured professor - UCLM

Phone: 926052530

Viñuela Madera, Javier

Scientific Researcher - CSIC

Phone: 926052278