INFORMATIVE NOTE: “Ticks and allergies to red meat”

    Ticks are arthropod ectoparasites that act as vectors of pathogens and cause allergic reactions, affecting human and animal health worldwide. In humans, their bites can induce high levels of IgE antibodies against the carbohydrate alpha-Gal present in biomolecules in their saliva, which mediate allergic reactions to their bites and to mammalian meat known as alpha-Gal syndrome.

    Identify and characterize tick-derived biomolecules such as alpha-Gal and associated immune mechanisms linked to the development of ?-Gal syndrome it is essential in the diagnosis and prevention of diseases caused by pathogens carrying alpha-Gal that may become pandemic.

    El Research Group in Health and Biotechnology (SaBio) of the Institute for Research in Hunting Resources (IREC - CSIC, UCLM, JCCM) has been developing the "BIOGAL Project: Identification and characterization of biomolecules in tick saliva and mechanisms associated with the immune response against alpha-gal”. In IREC Informative Note No. 3, the project researchers explain what alpha-Gal syndrome is, what the objectives of this project are, the methods they use to achieve it and the future lines of research that will be based on the results. obtained.