Moreno Zarate, Lara

Moreno Zárate, Lara

I studied Biology at University of Alcalá-de-Henares and University of Barcelona. I completed a traineeship and worked at Pietrburen Zeehondencentrum (Holand) between 2012-2013. Afterwards, I worked in different studies with birds at Behavioural Ecology & Endocrinology Lab (Museo Nacional del Ciencias Naturales-CSIC, Spain), VogelWarte and Neuchâtel University (Switzerland), where I joined the research group of Fabrice Helfenstein. In 2016 I finished my Master Degree in Characterization Techniques and Conservation of Biodiversity at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid).

I am interested in ecology, wildlife conservation and the effects of human activities on wildlife.

I am currently doing my PhD at IREC on hunting of turtle doves in the Iberian Peninsula under the direction of Beatriz Arroyo and Will Peach (RSPB). Specifically, I am studying: temporal and spatial variation in hunting pressure across Spain; the potential impacts of different levels of hunting on western European turtle dove populations; the breeding origins and age composition of turtle doves that are hunted in the Iberian Peninsula; the attitudes of hunters towards turtle dove population declines; the perceptions and values of turtle dove hunting for hunters in relation with other game species


Group:Game Resources and Wildlife Management
Position:Personal de apoyo a la investigación - UCLM
Phone:926295450 - Ext: 3510