Bravo has elected Cabodevilla, Xabier

My scientific interest is mainly focused on ecology. Specifically, I am interested in intra-specific and inter-specific relationships in birds and medium-sized mammals. I am also interested in biodiversity conservation studies.
During my study at University I was involved in wildlife monitoring and I acquired experience in different bird banding and camera-trapping methods. During my master project I studied the synchronization of the new breeding pairs in a white stork (Ciconia ciconia) colony. At that time, I also worked with intestinal parasites of an otters (Lutra lutra) population.
I am now carrying out my PhD at IREC. Taking the steppe birds as, I am studying the effects of farming and hunting management tools on bird populations which have conservation values and/or economic interest.

Xabier Cabodevilla


Group:Game Resources and Wildlife Management
Position:Predoc researcher in training - UPV/EHU
Phone:926295450 - Ext: 3510