WildEpi-9: a unique hands-on training on wildlife diseases


    The 9th edition of IREC’s “WILDLIFE EPIDEMIOLOGY AND DISEASE CONTROL” course (or WildEpi-9) will take place in November 2019 and March 2020. This practical course provides specialized training in epidemiology and wildlife disease control by the SaBio research group at IREC (www.IREC.com) and selected invited faculty. Lectures, practical training and field trips are based at the IREC Wildlife Research Institute in Ciudad Real, one of Europe´s hotspots for this extraordinary scientific field. The course is split in two weeks: 18-22 November 2019 and 9-13 March 2020.

    Information on contents and how to register can be found at https://www.irec.es/formacion/curso-epidemiologia-control-las-enfermedades-compartidas-fauna-silvestre/. The fee is 490€ and sign-in is open until September 20th. For additional information and help please e-mail encarnacion.delgado@uclm.es.

    Registration in: http://www.cececfs-9.posgrado.uclm.es/solicitud.aspx