We raffle a pack of informative materials for Christmas

    We raffle a pack of printed copies of some of the most demanded communication and scientific dissemination materials from IREC

    This Christmas, from Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos (IREC – CSIC, UCLM, JCCM) We want to have a detail with the people who are interested in our work and who, so as not to miss anything, you follow our news through social networks. And is that ... We are raffling an interesting pack of printed copies of some of our most popular communication and scientific dissemination materials!

    The prize draw includes a printed copy of the exhibition catalog "Hunting, an evolving challenge", From the monograph"The bearded vulture in Spain – Reproductive population in 2018 and monitoring method", of the book "The Spanish game species in the XXI century", From the diptych"Avian botulism", of the book "Ghost hares - The evolution of hares in the Iberian Peninsula", From the manual"Good practices in relation to wild boar hunting and the prevention of occupational risks”And the diptych“Wild boars and African swine fever”.

    The raffle will be open until January 3, 2021 at 9:00 p.m., and if you want to participate you just have to follow these steps:

    1. Give "Like" to the Facebook post in which we have launched the giveaway.
    2. Mention in a comment on the same publication 3 friends who you think might be interested. You can comment as many times as you want, but without repeating mentions of friends: the more comments you put, the more options you have to win the draw.
    3. Give "Like" to our facebook page.
    4. Just if you want, share it with your Facebook friends!

    Good luck to all participants!

    Basis of the draw

    Purpose and scope

    The Institute for Research on Game Resources (IREC - CSIC, UCLM, JCCM), through its Facebook account, carries out the contest called "Raffle of pack of informative materials from IREC”, In which all users of this social network who are of legal age and resident in Spain may participate. The prize that is accessed by winning the raffle consists of a pack of printed copies of communication and scientific dissemination materials published by IREC.

    Promotion duration

    El sorteo tendrá validez desde el 23 de Diciembre de 2020 a las 12.30 h. hasta el 3 de Enero de 2021 a las 21.00 h., ambas fechas inclusive. El/la ganador/a final del concurso se publicará el 4 de Enero de 2021 a partir de las 11.00 horas a través de las redes sociales del IREC (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram y LinkedIn).

    Methodology of the draw

    The prize will be drawn at the IREC Facebook page, choosing a single winner through the platform “Comment picker”, An online tool that allows you to randomly choose the winner of a raffle carried out on social networks.

    Award delivery method

    The winner will receive their prize by certified mail to the postal address of your choice, within Spanish territory, between January 11 and 17, 2021.


    El IREC se pondrá en contacto con el/la ganador/a del sorteo a partir del 4 de Enero de 2021 a las 11.00 horas para comunicarle que ha obtenido el premio. En el plazo de 2 días naturales a contar a partir del día siguiente al de la comunicación, el ganador deberá responder al IREC confirmando su premio. En caso de que el/la ganador/a no conteste en el plazo indicado para aceptar el premio y/o no proporcione una dirección postal para poder hacerle el envío, si no cumple todas o algunas de las normas del concurso, o no quiere o no puede disfrutar del premio, el ganador quedará descartado. El premio no será canjeable por su importe en metálico ni por ningún otro premio.

    Limitation of liability

    IREC excludes the Facebook company from any liability arising from this contest.