Predoctoral Contract (FPI) offer to perform the Doctoral Thesis

    Predoctoral Contract (FPI) offer to perform the Doctoral Thesis under the project:

    Unraveling the mechanisms of maternal age effects on early development of offspring (AGEINGMUM)

    Overview: The mechanisms that regulate the effect of age and the physiological state of the female on the development and viability of the offspring are little known. One of the main avenues of action is the maternal effects exerted through the egg, which can determine the biological efficacy of the offspring because they act in a critical phase such as early development. Using the black starling ((Sturnus unicolor) as a study model and through experiments under natural conditions, in this project we will investigate the impact of age, oxidative stress and physiological stress of the mother on different components of the egg, and how this affects cellular aging ( telomeres), oxidative status and the development of offspring.

    The proposed research will have an integrative approach, combining field experiments with the analysis of different physiological and molecular variables in the laboratory. The doctoral student will join a dynamic group where the development of his own ideas and contributions will be favored. The fieldwork will be carried out in the breeding population of black starling that the group has been following for more than 15 years in the Sierra de Madrid. The laboratory work will be carried out mainly in the Ecophysiology laboratory of the IREC (CSIC-UCLM, Ciudad Real), center to which the doctoral student will be incorporated. In addition, the doctoral student will make stays of different duration in other national and international centers to learn and implement other techniques of interest to achieve the objectives of his thesis.

    Merit to be valued in the candidates:

    • Previous experience in laboratory work (especially ELISA techniques, chromatography, oxidative stress biomarkers, quantitative PCR or the like)
    • Motivation and willingness to perform field work with wild birds
    • Familiarity with basic concepts of Evolutionary Ecology
    • Good level of English
    • Initiative, autonomy, ability to work as a group
    • Driver's license

    The basis of the call and the requirements of eligible candidates have just been made public on the website of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (link). The application period ends on November 7, so it is recommended to contact the project manager, Lorenzo Pérez-Rodríguez (email:;, October 25 2019.

    Expressions of interest must be accompanied by a letter of motivation, CV and two references.