Pre-doctoral aid JCCM

    Estimated / a researcher / a,

    With today's date has been published in the official journal of Castilla - La Mancha resolution 10/07/2016, the Ministry of education, culture and sports, which modifies the resolution of 14/09/2016, by which summon aid for the training of research staff in public research centres and companies, in the retention frame and the return of the talent for young people included in the national system of youth guarantee, co-financed with the European Social Fund and the initiative of youth employment (in line with the objectives of the RIS3).

    The changes made are then transcribed:

    1. be added a second paragraph to paragraph primero.1 which is drawn up in the following way:

    "Under this call is granted until a maximum of 30 aid, of which 2 squares is reserved for people with a disability equal or superior to the 33 percent." "The aid not covered in this shift of book is will accrue to the shift of access general."

    2 the third paragraph is modified. 1 d) which is drawn up in the following way:

    "d. the requirement of have a disability of a grade equal or top to the 33 percent is will check of trade, prior authorization of the interested included in the application, if the document official accrediting of the disability is has issued by the Board of communities of Castilla-it stain." "In case of non-authorization or official proof of disability was issued by other autonomous communities will be credited with the introduction of the mentioned official document."

    3 amending point 4 fourth paragraph which is drawn up in the following way:

    The deadline for submission of applications and the complementary documentation will be open from the day following the publication of this resolution in the official journal of Castilla - La Mancha until October 31, 2016.”

    Attached is the full text of the resolution to your inquiry.

    You remember that the person of contact for the processing of the documentation that should sign the representative legal of the UCLM is Juan safe Jimenez, can contact through the mail: and 2037 extension.