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04/08/2015 agency sync -Nearly 80 vertebrate species consume the carrion of hunting

15/06/2015 CSICExposure to lead affects the immune system of wild birds

10/06/2015 agency sync -The review of the scientific studies in journals is subjective and variable quality

08/06/2015 UCLM -A biometric study of IREC reveals important differences between the two subspecies of the European rabbit

08/06/2015 CSIC -A study reveals the process of colonization of the Vole

26/05/2015 agency sync- The citizens alert on the inefficiency of some measures of conservation of the Montagu's Harrier

22/05/2015 UCLM -A study of the IREC confirms that monte rabbit is a reservoir of Q fever

08/05/2015 CSIC -The deer is able to detect toxic plants on which it feeds

15/04/2015 CSIC -Weekends are stressful for the steppe birds

18/03/2015 CSIC -Study on the trophic behavior of goats in Mallorca

19 / 02 / 2015 CSIC -The sex appeal could be determined by an intracellular antioxidant molecule

10 / 02 / 2015 agency sync -A new variant of the haemorrhagic disease of rabbits endangers the Lynx

13/01/2015 UCLM -A study of the IREC warns about the danger of partridges intoxication by ingestion of treated seeds

12/12/2014 UCLM -IREC researchers carried out a study on release of Partridge's farm in hunting grounds

28/11/2014 UCLM -Concludes the week of science at the Institute of research on resources Cinegéticos (IREC)

18/11/2014 UCLM -IREC complies with fifteen years in the service of hunting resources research

18/11/2014 CSIC -The CPNI complies with 15 years in the service of hunting resources research

11/11/2014 UCLM -The Social Council of the UCLM delivers the 'recognized 2014'

08/11/2014 agency sync -Wild animals with drug overdoses

29/09/2014 UCLM -IREC studying how it affects the relationship between rabbit and OWL to the population growth of this bird

25/09/2014 UCLM -The Sage Group Researchers discover link between resistance to ticks and anticancer and red meat allergy

05/09/2014 UCLM -Hunters are willing to pay more for hunting wild partridges in well-preserved preserves

03/09/2014 CSIC -Adult Necrophagous flies will help expand the outbreaks of botulism avian

02/07/2014 CSIC -The discharge of treated waste water can harm wetlands, according to a study

06/05/2014 UCLM -IREC researchers reveal what is the color of the ornaments of the Red-legged Partridge

31/03/2014 UCLM -The IREC participates in the network European of monitoring of contaminants in birds of prey

15/01/2014 agency sync -The poisoning of waterfowl is reduced to half by prohibiting the lead pellets

17/12/2013 CSIC -The genetics of the reindeer provides clues about the past and future of polar and boreal ecosystems

12/122013 CSIC -CSIC develops a simple and inexpensive method of measurement of Vole populations

16/10/2013 CSIC -CSIC and ENDESA and San Ignacio de el Huinay foundations are collaborating in the investigation of the Chilean reserve (Documentation projects)

23/09/2013 UCLM -The Professor Tomás Landete, elected President of the International Association of the deer

09/08/2013 UCLM -UCLM participates in the discovery of the origin of the respiratory syndrome in Middle East

28 / 06 / 2013 UCLM -A study indicates that the input of sewage favors outbreaks of botulism in wetlands

20/06/2013 CSIC -Free farm Partridge affects wild populations

27/03/2013 UCLM -Researchers at UCLM and the regional Government show that the changes in size of sperm for freezing indicate resistance to the process

22/03/2013 UCLM -Professor of the UCLM Tomás Landete, Vice President of the European Federation of producers of deer

07/03/2013 CSIC -A team of biologists characterized the habitat of wild species with Google Street View

01/03/2013 UCLM -The IREC da to know its work among a thousand of students of primary of City Real

22/02/2013 CSIC -Decreases a 80% the exposure to lead in geese in Doñana 10 years after the discharge of Aznalcollar

02/15/2013 UCLM -The IREC coordinates a study on the presence of bacteria of transmission food in hunting more

03/01/2013 IDW -Antlers may be the best model to study bone mineralization

12-21-2012 UCLM -A study warns of adverse effects of lead in the bones of deer living in mining areas

18/12/2012 UCLM -IREC warns harmful effects in partridges by the consumption of seeds treated with pesticides

12/12/2012 UCLM -The UCLM, authorized as a Center for the collection and storage of Semen for sheep and goats

11/12/2012 UCLM -Professor of the UCLM Christian Gortazar exposes the advances in the sanitary control of wildlife

17/10/2012 CSIC -In times of scarcity, females and hatchlings eat first

16/10/2012 UCLM -UCLM participates in the Organization of the European Assembly of producers of deer

08 / 10 / 2012 UCLM -IREC brings his scientific activity to educational institutions

04 / 09 / 2012 UCLM -A study of the IREC warns the capacity of raccoons to spread diseases

07-18-2012 agency sync -The key does choose always the best diet

09/07/2012 UCLM -A study of the IREC points to wild boar population reduction as health tool

20/06/2012 UCLM -A study detects the presence of intestinal bacteria resistant to antibiotics in farm Partridge

15/06/2012 UCLM -UCLM establishes a strategic partnership with the Institute of the hunting of Russia

14/06/2012 UCLM -A study of the UCLM analyzes the hierarchy of the does on access to food

12/06/2012 UCLM -New edition of the Master in basic and applied research in hunting resources

25/05/2012 agency sync -Ungulates invaders compete for food in the Mediterranean maquis.

25/05/2012 CSIC -Ungulates invaders compete for food in the Mediterranean maquis

24/05/2012 UCLM -A study of the IREC confirms that isolated oak trees are key to the conservation of biodiversity

07/05/2012 UCLM -A study of IREC warns of the negative impact of the anticoagulant rodenticides in predators

30/04/2012 UCLM -IREC researchers propose the use of birds of prey nests to control pests of Vole

20/04/2012 UCLM -IREC researchers identify the main causes of the illegal use of poison in the Cantabrian mountains

19/04/2012 UCLM -IREC releases a survey on red-legged Partridge hunting

27/03/2012 UCLM -150 researchers evaluate the social, economic and environmental interaction of hunting

03/01/2012 UCLM -UCLM scientists proposed a new theory about osteoporosis from studies of deer antler

12/21/2011 UCLM -IREC and the Department of agriculture to promote the creation of a table of hunting

07/12/2011 UCLM -IREC organizes the 1st International Congress of hunting and sustainability

28/11/2011 UCLM -A researcher from the Group of biology of reproduction of the UCLM, awarded by the Instituto Tomas Pascual

25/11/2011 UCLM -A study on how nutrition affects the antlers of deer could have implications in medicine

24/11/2011 UCLM -IREC will advise in the preparation of an action plan to recover the hunting in the Campo de Montiel, Albacete

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