CSIC training scholarship offer in the IREC avian pathology team

    With this job offer Birthpath team of IREC aims to train a recent Graduate/Master in the field of infectious diseases that affect wild birds

    The job offer is part of the aid "JAE-Intro” of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), intended for the training of young people who want to start their professional career in the world of scientific research. Therefore, it is an offer aimed at university students who have completed an important part of their Degree or have finished it, or Master students with a recent date of completion of the Degree.

    This offer, whose reference is JAEINT22_EX_0950, falls on a formative project of the "Birdpath Team”, led by Dr. Ursula Höfle and integrated into the Research Group in Health and Biotechnology (SaBio) of the Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos (IREC – CSIC, UCLM, JCCM).

    El Birdpath Team intends to train a recent Graduate/Master in the study of infectious diseases that affect wild birds in context with their ecology and their adaptation to the anthropization of the environment. In this way, the beneficiary of the scholarship will participate in the study of the cloacal and respiratory microbiota of different species of birds in rural and urban environments (such as the white stork, the house sparrow, the black-headed gull and the black starling) to determine your exposure to pathogens such as bird flu.

    The purpose of the investigations in which this formative project is circumscribed is understand how adaptation to the exploitation of urban environments or landfills by birds affects their digestive and respiratory microbiota and their migratory behavior, and how these changes in turn affect the susceptibility of birds to pathogens that currently constitute a threat to both biodiversity and the poultry sector in Spain, such as avian influenza.


    With this job offer Birdpath Team IREC aims to train a recent Graduate/Master in the field of infectious diseases that affect wild birds.

    The work to be done requires the acquisition of skills and knowledge both in the handling of birds and the taking of biological samples as well as in laboratory procedures, including cell cultures and PCR techniques, as well as the design of experiments, management and data analysis.

    All this in the environment of a large group of pre and postdoctoral researchers, with the possibility of attending weekly seminars offered by visiting researchers or researchers from the center and the possibility of simultaneously participating in activities in other IREC research groups. In addition, the study is part of various ongoing and planned Grupo Sabio projects, so It is expected that it will allow the generation of at least one scientific publication in an impact journal.

    The deadline for submitting applications for the JAE-Intro with reference JAEINT22_EX_0950 closes on November 7, 2022. Anyone interested in the offer can contact Dr. Ursula Höfle by email (Ursula.Hofle@uclm.es) or by phone (926 05 28 57). All the information about the process, including the scholarship offer and the call, is available at https://sede.csic.gob.es/intro2022.