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Researchers from the Institute for Research in Hunting Resources (IREC – CSIC, UCLM, JCCM) are organized into five Research Groups that cover the different sciences oriented to the study of hunting species and wild fauna. Among them, collaborations are also frequent to carry out interdisciplinary studies with which to respond to complex problems of management and conservation of species and their environment.

For each of them, on their respective pages on the IREC website, you can consult outstanding general information, their research lines and projects, their scientific production (scientific and informative publications), their training capacity, the doctoral theses they have developed and the IREC research staff they make up.

Genetic and Cultural Biodiversity Group

Our line of research emerges by questioning the causes that generate and maintain biological diversity in environments subject to local and global changes due to effects...

Animal Science Group applied to Hunting Management

The general objective of this Research Group is to fill the gap that field ecologists and animal production scientists have left between themselves to evaluate the effects of management…

Game Resources and Wildlife Management Group

This Research Group studies the relationships between hunting activities, hunting management, and wildlife (including game species), as a way to reach the use…

Health and Biotechnology Group (SaBio)

This group is dedicated to contributing to health, animal production and conservation through research and technological development. SaBio is an interdisciplinary group with a high level…

Wildlife Toxicology Group

The IREC Ecotoxicology group was created in mid-2003 and since then has been working on the evaluation of exposure to different types of toxins in wildlife, as well as…