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Course of Epidemiology and Disease Control shared with Wildlife

The Own course in Epidemiology and Disease Control shared with wildlife (WildEpi) It is part of the specialized training offer offered by the Institute for Research in Hunting Resources (IREC - CSIC, UCLM, JCCM), in this case through its Research Group in Health and Biotechnology (SaBio). The course has the participation of internationally renowned specialists in epidemiology.

This course is international in nature and is taught in coordination with the Master's Degree in Basic and Applied Research in Game Resources (MUIBARC). With a duration of two weeks, it is open to wildlife and animal health professionals who want to specialize in epidemiology and control of diseases shared with wildlife.

The WildEpi course it consists of two parts (one week each). The first is descriptive and reviews current knowledge on the main diseases shared with wildlife as well as the peculiarities of diagnosis and research on shared diseases. The second is applied and details the sampling and epidemiological analysis techniques, surveillance programs and control possibilities.

The edition of the “Course on Wildlife Epidemiology and Disease Control (WildEpi)” during the academic year 2020/21 should start in November 2020 and end in March 2021. However, we regret to inform that restrictions and uncertainties due to COVID-19 make this impossible. The next edition, and 10th anniversary of our international course is therefore postponed to academic year 2021/22.