2018 Science week

    "On the occasion of the celebration of Science Week, the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), the Institute for Research on Hunting Resources (IREC), will hold a permanent Exhibition at its facilities for a week from Tuesday 13 to Tuesday November 20, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. With the possibility of afternoons upon request.

    The exhibition entitled Man and Wildlife shows scientific approaches, through the different lines of research developed at IREC, which contribute both to understanding the problems that arise between humans and fauna, and to seeking solutions to human and wildlife Same.

    The visit to the exhibition is guided and free, not having to make a reservation, except for large groups. And it is aimed at all types of visitors and schoolchildren from 10 years of age.

    The rest of the school year this exhibition will be itinerant, being available to all centers that request it through our website: https://www.irec.es/

    On November 19 and 20, two workshops will be held, with concerted groups in which the researcher, Beatriz Arroyo López, will show how the remains of animals found in the field (footprints, feathers, pellets, feces, bones, etc.) are They can use it in scientific studies to determine, among other things, what animals, in what abundance, and when they are in a certain place, what they eat, where they come from, or in what physical condition they are.

    And the researcher Manuel Ortiz Santaliestra, will show how you can spy on animals in research activity. It will teach the use of the full range of devices and devices used for this purpose. The experience will be carried out with high school students who will act like the animals to spy on by their peers in the external premises of IREC. The spyed 'animals' must be located and subsequently the audiovisual material obtained will be reviewed. Three activities will be held in parallel, involving 6 students each."

    Email and contact phone number: mariapilar.ruiz@uclm.es . 680222425 and 600506565.