Science Week 2010

    Trying to bring scientific activity to the public, we have participated in the X science week of Castilla - La Mancha, in collaboration with the CSIC and the Vice President for research of the UCLM, and with funds from the program in charge of FECYT.

    The coordination of the activities program was for Almudena Delgado Palominos and the organized activities were the following:

    Workshop "Following the Carnivores Steps "

    Scientific coordination: Pablo Ferrreras

    University of Castilla - la Mancha, Paraninfo Luis Arroyo. The 2010 science fair. 8 to 12 of November.


    Commemorating the international year of biodiversity, we chose a research project focused on the study of the communities of carnivores, little-known but important for our biodiversity.

    We wanted to show the project's research: "interactions ecological in communities of carnivorous Iberian: methods of study and effect of those factors climate and the activity hunting" (Plan national of r & d). Its main objective is to identify the factors that determine the composition of the Iberian communities of carnivorous mammals, including climate, habitat, prey, inter-especificas interactions, and the hunting management.

    Open day

    Visit to the laboratory of genomics

    José Manuel Pérez de la Lastra, Nieves Ayllón Peña, Lorena Manzanares Franco, Juan Antonio Moreno-Cid Mora, Isabel García Fernández Mera.

    (IREC) hunting resources Research Institute. Of the 10 to the 11 of November.


    Takes of contact with the work daily that is developed in the laboratory of genomics of the IREC, from the personal technical and researcher.

    Interactive lecture: "Aliens, squatters and other bugs: curiosities of the natural world."

    Lucia Galvez Bravo.

    Lounge of acts of the IREC. From 8 to 10 November.


    Awareness of the importance of the conservation of the environment and the threats to which is faces it diversity biological, through curious and surprising examples of several species of the natural worl.

    Artists talk: "Observes, investigates, discovers"

    José Manuel Pérez de la Lastra.

    Hall of IREC. On 10 and 11 November.


    Through examples, is showed how is acquire them knowledge through the method scientific, what features has this knowledge, how is diffuses normally and the tasks that made them scientific in different areas to generate this knowledge.