Activity for the week of the woman and the girl in science

    On February 14th, Sara Artigas and Javier Fernández de Simón, from IREC, will visit the Secondary School "Maestro Juan de Ávila". During that day, these researchers will lead a session about the 11F and the week of women and girls in science, organized by CSIC ( The activity will take place in the auditorium of this education center, in front of around 100 students of 4th of E.S.O, some of them from different places of the province of Ciudad Real.
    First, the researchers will expose the frequent discrimination against women occurring throughout history in the scientific world. They will also show the lives of famous women scientists with their experiences, demonstrating that Science is not an exclusive world for men, to encourage all students to learn more about this world and to investigate if they wish. Finally, the speakers will briefly show their research topics and they will solve any doubts that could exist regarding the scientific career.

    Woman & Science = Better Science = Better Society