Wild boar and African swine fever

    Wild Boars and African Swine Fever_IREC_PortadaThe African swine fever (ASF) It is a highly contagious and lethal viral disease that affects both the domestic pig and the Wild boar. The virus has begun to spread throughout northern and eastern Europe, and if it reached Spain, the impacts on the pig sector, hunting and the environment would be dramatic.

    In this diptych We explain what African swine fever is, the role of the wild boar in its transmission, how to deal with a boar that is potentially sick or dead from African swine fever and how hunting management can help in the fight against ASF and other diseases.

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    It is essential to establish biosecurity protocols and population management strategies aimed at preventing the spread of infections such as ASF through its early detection in natural wild boar populations.

    In this video, derived from the project "Preventing the effects of African swine fever on hunting and biodiversity conservation (PrePePA)"Several animal health experts and hunting management of the importance of sound management of populations of wild boar and proper management of waste from boars hunted in hunting events to avoid health emergencies speak.