Investigates with IREC: introduction to the scientific method

    With the aim of bringing students the main lines of research that IREC scientists develop, we visited during January and February 2013 a total of five public schools in Ciudad Real where we conducted the educational workshop "Investigate With the IREC: Introduction to the Scientific Method ".

    Twenty sessions of the workshop were held in which a total of 475 students participated in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th of Primary Education of the following educational centers: C.P. Cruz Prado, C.P. María Pacheco, C.P. Mayor José Maestro, C.P. Sto. Tomás de Villanueva. A participatory and self-learning methodology based on the scientific method was proposed: observation, experimentation and analysis. For this we show them instruments, samples and materials used by scientists in IREC, so that through their observation, experimentation and analysis of them they could recreate for a day the work of the researcher.

    Those students identified species animals through their morphology or traces as footprints, excrement, antlers, feathers, eggs, etc.

    Different traces of fauna exposed so that they observe them, handle, classified and identified with the help of metrictapes, calibers, and hand lens.

    With optical instruments such a binocular lens, microscope and hands lens, they saw different samples of cellular tissue of plants, various insects and excrements of Fox. We showed differents researche techniques like the photo-trapping and they could identify species only watching this photos. Also, they could use diferents marks to identify animals in the field like rings, traking necklaces, identifications tags...

    The project has been funded by the Foundation General of the UCLM through the agreement established with the Santander Bank .

    Project coordination: Almudena Delgado Palominos, Comunication-divulgacion service, IREC.