IREC took part in the 14th edition of the fair of hunting, fishing and tourism, introducing an institutional Stand where he developed various educational activities, with the aim of showing the audience, examples of research and methodologies of work carried out in the IREC. The coordination was of Almudena Delgado Palominos.

    Two educational workshops were conducted

    Taller "Tras los Pasos de los carnívoros"

    Approach to the work developed within a project of research centered in the ecology and conservation of the communities of carnivorous Iberian and his relationship with the activity hunting.
    Identification of species of carnivores that inhabit the forests and mountains of Castile - La Mancha and the methodology applied by the researchers for study as foto-trampeo and search for evidence (footprints, droppings, Burrows), among others.

    Taller "Ahora Investigas Tú"

    Approach to the work developed within a project of research centered in the ecology and the behavior of animal native as the deer and its interrelation with others animals exotic: Barbary and Mouflon.
    Simulation of the techniques employed in the field and sampling techniques that are applied subsequently in the laboratory, the samples obtained. Visualization of samples at the microscope.

    Hunting Photography Contest, Research and Conservation of the Nature

    XI Hunting and Conservation Course

    With the slogan "Applied Research on Hunting and Conservation: achievements and remaining challenges", took place the 11th edition of the course of hunting and conservation organized by IREC and the Foundation of the UCLM. This course, that is develops within the context of the fair of the hunting, fishing and tourism, aims to approach to it society and mainly to the sector hunting, them applications of the research, as well as them achievements and them challenges pending in the hunting and the conservation for them next years.

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