Catalog of the exhibition "Hunting, an evolving challenge"

    This illustrated book-catalog aims to guide readers and visitors to the exhibition "Hunting, an evolving challenge”Through the 400,000 years of hunting history and the science that is developed to guarantee its sustainability

    This month of December 2020 marks one year since the opening of the exhibition "Hunting, an evolving challenge”, Which throughout these 12 months has become the star event of an informative nature about the hunting world and the science that develops the Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos (IREC – CSIC, UCLM, JCCM) for the promotion of sustainable hunting.

    The exhibition "Hunting, an evolving challenge”, Can be visited in the Provincial Museum of Ciudad Real.

    The exhibition immerses the visitor in the world of hunting through a tour of its 400,000 years of history, desde el hombre cazador-recolector del Paleolítico hasta la caza moderna actual. Mediante una completa colección de piezas originales, paneles explicativos, murales, escenografías, vitrinas expositivas y proyecciones, la exposición aborda desde las bases ecológicas y evolutivas de la depredación, la transformación de las artes y las tecnologías vinculadas con la actividad venatoria, la domesticación del perro y el arte de la cetrería, hasta el uso de los productos derivados de la caza y la importancia socioeconómica y cultural de la actividad venatoria. Además, addresses the importance of hunting as a tool for the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity and that of science as a basis for the management of hunting in line with the conservation of our natural heritage.

    From this month, the different sections and themes of the exhibition have the support of a illustrated book-catalog The aim is to "guide" the readers and visitors of the exhibition through this fascinating encounter with one of the endogenous resources most closely linked to the evolution of humanity.

    You can download the exhibition catalog "Hunting, an evolving challenge”In PDF format by clicking on the image above or about this link.

    In this catalog we will discover how hunting has influenced the evolution of wildlife species, who were the "hunters" and "hunted" of the Tertiary and how hunting activity evolved from the Lower Paleolithic to the present, through the Age of Metals, in the Iberian World, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. We will also see the conservation problems generated in the past as a result of irrational hunting, and how science can contribute to ensuring the sustainability of hunting activity through the development of adaptive management criteria and strategies.