Mougeot, Francois

Mougeot, Francois

My work focuses on evaluating the biological consequences of environmental changes in wild animals. My research has an interdisciplinary focus, including studies in eco-physiology, parasitology, population ecology, conservation, genetics, and behavioral ecology.

At the individual level, I study the factors (food resources, pollutants, hormones, stressors) that limit health status (diseases, parasites, immune responses, stress), reproduction (investment in sexual signals, reproductive success), and survival. . At the population level, I try to understand the spatial and temporal variations in animal abundance. Many factors, such as resources, predators, pathogens, and human activities influence population dynamics. My research tries to determine the relative importance of these factors.

I am interested in understanding how environmental variability affects fitness, and ultimately demographics and population dynamics. I consider both natural environmental variability (host-parasite or prey-predator interactions) and that due to human activities (agriculture, changes in land use, hunting, pollution).

My research is based on studies in natural conditions and on experiments at the level of individuals and populations, and has both a basic and an applied component. Ultimately, I intend to contribute to developing scientific bases that help the conservation of species, the development of strategies for the sustainable use of natural resources, and the resolution of conflicts between human activities and biodiversity conservation.

These general objectives can be specified with the following examples or case studies:

  • Relative importance of extrinsic (trophic interactions) and intrinsic (behavior) factors in the regulation of populations (studies on ptarmigan, peasant vole and raptors);
  • Effects of agriculture, hunting and pollutants on physiology, behaviour, reproduction and population dynamics of agricultural birds;
  • Ecology, management and conservation of the red partridge and other steppe birds (sandgrouse, ortega, sison...);
  • Factors that explain the geographic expansion and plagues of voles in NW Spain where they are associated with damage to crops and outbreaks of tularemia in humans. It is about looking for improvements in pest prediction and management tools in order to minimize the effects on public health and conflicts between agriculture and biodiversity conservation.
  • Characterization of the ecological cycle and epidemiology of a (re-)emerging zoonosis: tularemia in NW Spain.

I am the author of 158 publications, of which 120 are articles in SCI journals (such as Nature, Science, Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Ecology Letters, Conservation Letters, Environmental Sciences and Technology, Molecular Ecology, Proceedings-B, American Naturalist, Journal of Animal Ecology, Functional Ecology, Plos One, Biology Letters…), with an H index of 30 (scopus, Sept. 2016).


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