Research groups

IREC researchers are organized in five research groups covering the different sciences oriented to the study of the hunting species and wildlife. Among them are also frequent contributions to carry out interdisciplinary studies that provide answers to complex problems of management and conservation of the species and their environment.


Genetic and Cultural Biodiversity Group

Our line of research emerges to the question us the causes that generate and maintain the diversity biological in environments subject to changes local and global due to effects...


Animal Science Applied to Game Management Group.

He objective general of this group of research is fill the space that ecologists of field and scientific of production animal have left between itself to evaluate the effects of it management...


Game and Wildlife Management Group

This group of research studies the relations between them activities hunting, it management hunting, and the fauna wild (including species of hunting), as via to get to the use...


Health and Biotechnology Group

This group is dedicated to contribute to the health, the production animal and the conservation through research and development technology. SaBio is a group interdisciplinary with high level...


Wildlife Toxicology Group

He group of ecotoxicology of the IREC is creates mid 2003 and since then works in the evaluation of the exposure to different types of toxic in the fauna wild, as well as...