Master's degree in basic and applied research in game and wildlife

The general objective of our Master's degree in basic and applied research in hunting resources is the training of graduates capable of developing scientific research in the field of wildlife, particularly of the hunting. The Master is presented as a specific offer of knowledge about wild and hunted species level specialized and complementary to the titles of degree of different degrees for those students wishing to increase their training in ecology, biology, health, reproduction and management of wildlife, particularly of the hunting.

Is established as objectives specific of the Master that the students acquire the following skills:

  1. Know, understand and be able to update the theoretical and practical foundations of a scientific and technical nature on research on wildlife and other resources of hunting interest.
  2. Generate initiative for research in the field of wildlife and their environment.
  3. Knowing the dynamics of work of the various research teams from a center dedicated to the study of the hunting fauna, understanding its role in the overall system of r & d.
  4. Master the techniques of laboratory and instrumentation of greater use in wildlife research.
  5. Addressing the realization of scientific projects on wildlife and other resources of hunting interest: approach, resource selection, hypothesis, analysis results, presentation and discussion of them.
  6. Be capable of transmitting the research interest in hunting resources, presented in an appealing way the progress made thanks to it, and its impact at the social level and in other areas of research and development.
  7. Be able to select the most suitable experimental model for the purposes of scientific research on wild or hunting wildlife.

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