The IREC has as foundation goals to ensure the sustainability of hunting, contributing to the maintenance of the biodiversity, and promoting its socio-economic benefits. In addition, IREC was born with the mission to develop and disseminate scientific knowledge which will help to maintain a balance between hunting and conservation.

This objective is pursued through three types of activities developed from the IREC:

Research activities: try to deepen from the scientific perspective in the knowledge of the species of hunting interest.

Training activities: through teaching, mainly at the postgraduate level, is intended to transmit to the university level the knowledge acquired through scientific research on species of hunting interest.

Dissemination activities: organizing dissemination courses, talks, and collaboration in widely disseminated publications, our goal is to reach the general public with the knowledge acquired through research on species of hunting interest.

With the incorporation of new researchers and their stabilization, the IREC has expanded its main fields of research , and nowadays we are developing studies on the interaction hunting-sustainability of the natural environment, purely ecologic-evolutionary studies with a more conservationist approach, as well as in the field of the health or animal production.