Veterinary epidemiological surveillance specialists received training in IREC

Between 21 and 24 January, 12 veterinary officers from 10 countries participated in a course of specialization in health emergencies related to wildlife. The course, which is initiative of the EuFMD of the FAO (United Nations food and Agriculture Organization) took place in the facilities of the IREC of the CSIC and the University of Castilla - La Mancha and included practical exercises in the Montes de Toledo. It is the first trial of action against health emergencies in feral pigs that takes place in Spain. The experience has helped to refine the protocols of action against health emergencies such as the foot and mouth disease or swine pest. EuFMD is a Commission of the FAO which addresses increase responsiveness of official veterinary services to emergency animal health. EuFMD involves 39 countries of Europe and their environment.

Veterinarios especialistas en vigilancia epidemiológica reciben formación en el IREC