Participation of IREC on the 1st day of the science in the 'hunt' Aguilar de la Frontera (Córdoba)

On May 18 the IREC researchers participated in a Conference on Science in the hunt in Aguilar de la Frontera (Córdoba). The day passed in a close, lively environment where issues were raised:

  • The population trend of the European Turtle Dove in Spain and its relationship with different types of habitat and excessive hunting pressure to which the species is subject. The advances of recent studies on the reproductive parameters of the species were also presented.
  • The effect of the loose of Partridge's farm on wild populations.
  • The importance of the collaboration of hunters when it comes to collect data from banding; processing of the rings found in hunted birds.
  • The current situation of the diseases of the rabbit and Hare and especially the myxomatosis in the latter.
  • The importance of the collaboration of hunters in wildlife health emergency.

At the end of the presentations was organized a round table where managers and hunters could ask openly scientists all doubts.

Access here the program of the 1st day of "Science in the hunting"

Access here to the conclusions