BBVA Foundation grants a research project about the illegal poisoning of wildlife in which IREC participates

Researchers from the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Oviedo and the IREC obtained one of the 5 Grants of the BBVA Foundation to Scientific Research Teams in the area of Ecology and Conservation Biology to which 88 applications had been submitted.

Project title: Illegal wildlife poisoning and biodiversity conservation: a socio-ecological approach to poaching.

Research Director: Pedro Pérez Olea (Autonomous University of Madrid).

Members of the research team: José Vicente López Bao (University of Oviedo); Javier Viñuela Madera (IREC-CSIC); Jesús García González (IREC-CSIC); Rafael Mateo Soria (IREC-University of Castilla - La Mancha).

Amount of the aid: €83.193

Buitre Leonado