Sunday, 17 November 2019

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The CSIC offer 200 scholarships JAE Intro introduction to research

You would the Council Superior of scientific research? graphics (CSIC) announces 200 scholarships JAE Intro. The objective of these grants is starting undergraduate and master and inform students in the scientific race the...

Call for scholarships of research initiation for students of University Official Masters

Resolution of 12/07/2017, of the University of Castilla - La Mancha, which lays down the regulatory bases scholarships of initiation to research official University Masters student. The present...

Postdoctoral call AXA Foundation - first campaign

This month of October, the AXA Foundation has opened the first campaign of its call for postdoctoral fellowships, offering a total of 25 scholarships lasting between 18 and 24 months. The mission...

Pre-doctoral aid JCCM

Estimated / researcher/a, with today's date has been published in the official journal of Castilla - La Mancha resolution 10/07/2016, the Ministry of education, culture and sports, amending the resolution of...

Grants for studies of masters-JCCM

Resolution of 09 / 09 / 2016, of the counseling of education, culture and sports, by which is summon aid destined to the realization of a training continued through studies of masters that improve it...

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