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Marked differences in the brain morphology between wild and domestic rabbits could modulate the differential response to fear

The most characteristic aspect of domestic animals is their docility. An international team of scientists has used magnetic resonance imaging of high resolution (RM AR) to study how domestication has affected the...

OJEO 2017. IREC's Scientific day

One year more at IREC we carry out a scientific conference to promote "cross-pollination" between different groups of the Centre through talks and round tables. This year we are introducing...

The 2017 science week

WEEK of the science 2017 on the occasion of the celebration of the science week, during the week of 20-24 November will at IREC a series of activities to...

International day of women and girls in science

Recently it has been declared by UN February 11 of each year as the international day of women and girls in science. In this context, at IREC we claim...

IREC has been very well evaluated in the report carried out by ACUTE group of IEDCYT

The Institute of research on resources Cinegéticos (IREC) has been recognized as the center of the CSIC with greater scientific production in the disciplines of 'Reproduction', 'Veterinary science' and "Parasitology", the second "Infectious disease"...

The Sage of the IREC group participates in a project to develop a new product with deer meat

The University of Castilla - Mancha (UCLM), through the Group of health and biotechnology (wise) belonging to IREC (Center mixed UCLM-JCCM-CSIC), in collaboration with meat industry Valcaza SA, which belongs to the National Association of...

The effects of climate change on the distribution of two species of steppe birds may not be as drastic as expected

A study of the IREC shows the improbability of that the Bustard and the great bustard disappear of the South of Europe due only to changes in the climate the work indicates that to measure the effect of the...

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