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The European MammalNet Project is born, researchers and citizens collaborate to improve the knowledge of mammals in Europe.

EL IREC lidera el proyecto europeo MammalNet ( ) para fomentar la participación ciudadana, de los científicos y de los gestores de fauna en la recolección de datos sobre la distribución de mamíferos. En...

Predoctoral Contract (FPI) offer to perform the Doctoral Thesis

Predoctoral Contract Offer (FPI) to carry out the Doctoral Thesis under the project: Unraveling the mechanisms of the effects of maternal age on the early development of offspring (AGEINGMUM) Summary: The mechanisms that regulate...

First evidence of reproduction of pallid Harrier (Circus macrourus) in Spain

In June 2019, IREC participated in the discovery of a papyalbo harrier's nest (Circus macrourus) in the province of Palencia, during a period of high abundance of peasant topillo. This find...

On the wild

The authors of this letter (Margalida, A. & Mateo, R. 2019 Science 363: 1161) want to clarify that, in this publication, the quotation concerning forestry is based on information previously published by others...

WildEpi-9: a unique hands-on training on wildlife diseases

The ninth edition of the IREC course "EPIDEMIOLOGY AND HEALTH CONTROL OF THE FAUNA SILVESTRE" (or WildEpi-9) will be held in November 2019 and March 2020. This practical course, in the language...

IREC took part in the feast of the end of course in Ciudad Real

IREC participated on June 27 at the end of course party for children that took place in the main square of Ciudad Real with identification workshops in...

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